Why We Created This Program

CollegeToCareer.ORG was created with the deep-seated belief that all people are born with natural gifts, and our job as educators is to help them unlock those gifts and reach their full potential through access to information, knowledge, and opportunities.

The program aims to help students identify their guiding principles and develop personal narratives that will help them navigate their journey through it.

The program is detailed and comprehensive, covering essay writing, SAT preparation, resume writing, interviewing, and starting a business.

Our Course Instructor

LeAnn Cyr is the President of Le CYR Consulting, a college-to-career consulting firm that helps students and graduates launch successful careers in various fields. They also provide educational and staffing solutions to the government and private sectors, with 25 years specifically focused on healthcare and accounting/finance industries.

Le CYR has recently developed CollegeToCareer.ORG, a step-by-step guide to effective college and career planning for students and graduates.

LeAnn has extensive experience in career counseling, executive search & staffing, organizational development, and successful enterprises. She has built multiple 8-figure businesses from the ground up in the healthcare industry. LeAnn has built several successful enterprises, such as SASpine, a medical management services organization, and CYRx MD Cosmetic Surgery, a medical practice.

LeAnn Cyr has dedicated her career to creating opportunities, empowering people, and making a tangible positive impact in the world. Her extensive background and the successful enterprises she has built exemplify her commitment to these goals.

LeAnn Cyr

College To Career Timeline


Membership Options

We offer a number of memberships to suit your needs and budget. All of our memberships are packed with immense value.

We recommend the Full Curriculum, which is packed with value!

It will assist your path from high school to college, Graduate school, and becoming a young professional. The membership includes all five models and a detailed map of which actions we recommend you take in each grade, from grade 9 -12, in each year of college, in graduate school, and into your life as a young professional. This curriculum even has your back should you decide to start your own business.

The High School to College Membership consists of the first four modules (College Essays, SAT preparation, Resume Writing, and Acing Interviews). It includes a detailed map of which actions we recommend you take in each grade, from grade 9 -12, in each year of college, in graduate school, and into your life as a young professional. It does not include module 5, about starting your own company.

The College to Grad School Membership is for students who do not need SAT prep but want to get help with College Essays (Module 1), Resume Writing (Module 3), and Acing Interviews (Module 4). The membership also includes a timeline for when each module is most relevant.

The College to Young Professional Membership is for young professionals and college students on their way to becoming one. The membership includes Resume Writing (Module 3), Acing Interviews (Module 4), and Starting Your Own Company (Module 5).

See the comparison table below.

Membership Comparison

C2C Memberships (365 x 840 px)
C2C Memberships compared 3
Best Value!

The Full Curriculum

$695 5 years of access
  • Modules 1-5

High School to College

$600 5 years of access
  • Modules 1-4

College to Grad School

$450 5 years of access
  • Modules 1,3, 4

College to Young Profess.

$ 450 5 years of access
  • Modules 3-5