High School To College Membership

Is your high school student ready to take on college and career? As a parent, you want to make sure they have the essential skills to ace college applications, secure scholarships, and land their first professional job. That’s why I created the High School to College Package.

In these engaging self-paced video courses taught by experts, your teen will learn:

  • How to craft winning college essays that impress admissions officers. We’ll help them showcase their unique personality and goals.
  • Strategies to maximize their SAT score so they stand out to competitive colleges. Higher scores mean more scholarship money!
  • How to build a resume that makes employers and recruiters take notice. We’ll walk through what makes a resume effective.
  • Tips for acing interviews confidently. We’ll prep them for any question so they can shine.

With the High School to College Package, you’ll equip your teenager with the knowledge and confidence to transition seamlessly to higher education and early career success. The lessons your student learns will pay dividends as they embark on this new chapter of life! Invest in their future and sign up today.

Highschool to College Package

5 years of access

The High School to College Package includes four courses:

– Writing Essays

– Preparing for the SAT test

– Crafting a Resume

– Acing an Interview