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Our scholarship program aims to award students from diverse backgrounds free access to the CollegeToCareer.ORG curriculum. Scholarships are sponsored by Corporate Donations and evaluated by the Executive Team based on financial need. Requirements for students to be placed in contention for free access is a one-page (600 words) diversity statement using the following guidelines.

Diversity Statement Questions

A college diversity statement typically aims to understand an applicant's unique perspective, experiences, challenges, and contributions in the context of fostering a diverse and inclusive academic community. Here are some questions to consider when drafting a diversity statement.

Background and Identity:
How do you identify regarding race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, religion, nationality, or other aspects of your identity?

How has your background or identity shaped your life experiences and perspectives?

Personal Experiences:
Have you encountered significant challenges or barriers due to your identity or background?

How did you overcome them?

Can you describe a specific experience where you felt out of place or marginalized? How did you handle it?

Have you lived in multiple countries or regions, and if so, how have those experiences influenced your understanding of diversity?
Contributions to Diversity:
In what ways have you advocated for or supported underrepresented or marginalized groups in the past?

Have you participated in any organizations, clubs, or activities that promote diversity and inclusion? What role did you play?

Academic and Professional Experiences:
How have you incorporated diversity, equity, and inclusion principles in your academic or professional work?

Have you conducted research or projects that address issues related to diversity?

Have you had any teaching or mentoring experiences demonstrating your commitment to fostering an inclusive environment?

Future Commitment:
How do you envision contributing to a diverse and inclusive college community?
What goals or initiatives would you like to pursue to promote diversity and inclusion further?

How will your unique perspective enrich classroom discussions, group projects, or the broader campus community?

Learning from Others:
Can you describe an experience where you learned something valuable from someone with a different background or perspective than your own?

How do you approach and value differences in thought, opinion, and background in group settings or collaborative projects?

Broader Perspective:
How do you define diversity and its importance in an academic setting?
How has your understanding of diversity evolved?
In what ways do you believe diversity enriches the educational experience?

Remember, these questions are merely a guide to help you reflect on and articulate your experiences and perspectives.

You don't have to answer all of them. Instead, focus on those that resonate most with your journey and that help convey your commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.


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