College to Grad School Membership

Is your college student ready to take the next step to graduate school? As they approach the end of their undergrad career, you want to ensure they can put their best foot forward on grad school applications and interviews. That’s why I created the College to Grad School Package.

In these detailed video courses taught by admissions experts, your student will learn:

  • How to write standout essays that showcase their passions and goals for grad school. We’ll help them reflect on their unique qualifications.
  • How to build a compelling resume to highlight their academic projects, research, work experience and leadership roles.
  • Tips to ace grad school interviews with confidence. We’ll prep them for any question so they make a winning impression.

With the College to Grad School Package, you’ll give your college student the expertise and confidence to chart their course to advanced degrees and career success. The lessons learned will help them gain acceptance to competitive graduate programs and stand out from the applicant pool. Invest in their future by signing up today!

College to Grad School Package

5 years of access

The College to Grad School Package includes three courses:

– Writing Essays

– Crafting a Resume

– Acing an Interview